Cleaning Out the Farmer’s Market

Last week I went to work for two days. The kids, as usual, spent that time at my parent’s house. BOY do I have something to share about THAT couple of days! But that’s for tomorrow. For now, let’s focus on food trials.  We took our regular 3 day break from … Continue reading

Juggling, Kickball & Goat Milk Trials

The concept of life being a juggling act is so well known it has become part of our vernacular. Why else would we say we “dropped the ball” on something? For the most part, I agree with the analogy. I do often feel like I have all my little “balls” … Continue reading

Date=0, Business=0, FPIES=1

I know you’re all on pins and needles, anxiously awaiting news of how the sunbutter trial is going for Zac. (Right?) Well, so far, so good. Sort of. With caveats. Ready for a story? About a month ago, a lovely young lady from our church began advertising for a fund-raiser. … Continue reading

How Living With A Rare Disease Kept Me From Participating in Rare Disease Day 2014

Today is Rare Disease Day. It’s kind of a big deal in my circles; a day to raise awareness for all people who live with a condition that is little known and little understood. I had some plans, y’all! There were things I was going to do today to celebrate … Continue reading

Food, Food Everywhere, and Not A Bite To Eat

I hate corn. If every corn field in the world were to spontaneously go up in flames, I would abandon my TED and go out on a drinking and partying binge that would put my ’20’s to shame. I’ve written about corn before, but y’all, I don’t think even *I* … Continue reading


It’s been a big weekend with a lot of changes for our family! Friday morning Darrel announced over breakfast that he was 100% confident that quinoa had proven safe for Zac. Which meant we were ready to move on to the next food trial. Eek! We decided on broccoli, so … Continue reading

To Quinoa, or Not to Quinoa…(of Buckets & Baseline)

Well, I think we might just be losing our minds. Or maybe it’s just a case of “desperate times calls for desperate measures”. In either case, Darrel and I had some intense discussions this weekend and have basically decided…”to hell with baseline” and “screw gut rest”. Baseline has been, thus … Continue reading

Quinoa Teething Crackers

When we started trialing quinoa, I got very excited. I knew that quinoa would offer a lot of variety in Zac’s diet (and, eventually, mine), and to start with I wanted to make him his very first teething cracker. I had seen a few recipes for homemade teething biscuits before, … Continue reading