Practical Preserving: How to Make Cucumber Chips

Since yesterdays recipe used some dehydrated cucumber, I figured I may as well share how to make your own dehydrated cucumber chips. Like the dehydrated basil, this is ridiculously simple. Grab some cucumbers and slice them fairly evenly. Some people like to toss their cucumbers with some oil and seasonings. … Continue reading

Vegan Cucumber-Cauliflower Soup

Once the stomach bug left, taking with it many of Zac’s safe foods (hopefully temporarily), I found myself trying to find a way to get him to eat cauliflower and cucumber. Despite wolfing them both down with gusto when we first introduced them in trials, he has since become rather … Continue reading

On the Mend

Good news! The kids are entirely over their colds. Not even runny noses left. So-so news: Darrel and I still aren’t 100% better. Though I didn’t want to, I had to call out sick for work this weekend. Thursday and Friday I was a walking zombie, but by Saturday, if … Continue reading