FPIES is such a mysterious syndrome; the best education I’ve received about it has been from reading on the internet.  These are some of the best resources I’ve found.

FPIES Resource Sites

The FPIES Foundation
My FPIES File Cabinet
International Association for Food Protein Enterocolitis
A good explanation of FPIES can be found here: Southwest Allergy

FPIES Social Media Sites

BabyCenter FPIES Group
Facebook FPIES Group
Kids With Food Allergies

FPIES Videos

Jack’s Soy Reaction
FPIES, A Rare Food Allergy


FPIES & Mudpies: Our Boys, Our Journey, Our New World…
Jacky Boy: A Growing Boy With FPIES
Livvy With FPIES
My Little Pie With FPIES
Feeding Jake
What’s Eating You?
Busy Hands Happy Tummies
Our Slice Of FPIES

2 Responses to FPIES Links

  1. dkaj says:

    Hi Carrie,
    I think I had found your blog initially on our FM site. If you haven’t seen or been following lately, there is a Mom (Becky) with a 12+ month old, whose daughter has had symptoms similar to FPIES, and that’s what they were thinking. Then, Mom was able to have them run another stool sample on her. She came back positive for C-diff this time. Maybe you’ve had all this work-up done already, and maybe even several times, but I thought I would pass this along. You might want to watch the postings and see how this all turns out for them. She’s still in the midst of treatment.

    Hang in there and I’m glad your parents are taking your cats for you. My heart broke when I saw their pictures. I know first hand how hard that is. I had to put 2 of mine to sleep, it was horrible horrible horrible. Cried for days. Thus, your parents are so wonderful to take them!!

  2. defendingjoy says:

    I’ve really enjoyed following your blog over the past few years. I finally started a blog of my own.

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