Tips to Thrive at Complex Child Magazine

Today Complex Child published their April online magazine with the topic of “Caregiver Mental Health”.

I’m thrilled that my article, Tips to Thrive for Parents of Children with Special Needs is one of the featured articles this month!

Please go check it out; it’s a great e-zine that covers almost every special need a child could have, from the perspective of the parents and caregivers.  It’s a wonderful feeling to know you aren’t alone.

(And no, it’s no April Fool’s Joke! But have fun with your tricks today!)

If you have any tips to thrive that I didn’t mention, I’d love it if you would share them here!



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3 Responses to Tips to Thrive at Complex Child Magazine

  1. Joy says:

    I remember well something a fellow mom had said one day that stuck so well to where I was at the time….give yourself time to process. Allow time to process through the new stages, the new information, the changes that may need to be made in your home or lifestyle. Not looking at it in the negative scope, but in the ‘give yourself time to process’ and find your way to thrive scope. Give yourself time.

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