The Stomach Bug That Came For Dinner

Just a quick update on matters here at the Cradle Rocking Household.

We’re sort of on the upswing, but MAN this stomach bug has Wiped.Us.Out.

And did you know?  When my kids are sick – they get whiny?

I hate whiny.

We’ve been glamorously sitting around in various degrees of pj’s on the couch watching miscellaneous TV almost all day for the last three and a half days.

Monday, none of us could eat.  Tuesday, we made lame attempts at putting some food in our tummies.  Wednesday, I actually regained my appetite completely, though the boys in my life are still a little ‘off’.

I’m a bit worried about the kiddos.  Mr. Charm is just about refusing to eat.  He still points to his tummy and his throat and says “Owie!”, and he’s still having diarrhea diapers.  We managed to get him to drink one and a half sippy cups of water on Wednesday, which is FAR more than he’s drunk the last few days but still not good.

The only way we’ve managed to get him to eat anything is to break out foods that we either know are unsafe for him (fructose-wise, not allergy-wise) or are not yet added back in to his diet.  So, Wednesday was Cheerios and some A-1 Steak Sauce for his dinnertime steak.

He still only nibbled.

Mr. Happy had his full-blown FPIES reaction last weekend, and we thought he was all clear.  Sunday he only vomited the one time, so, we’re good, right?

Well.  Except Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday he’s thrown up once per day.

And every diaper has been diarrhea  but at least they’re not green and the smell is better.  So, I think he caught a mild version of the bug that has taken up residence in the rest of us.  God Bless antibodies in breastmilk…if not for them, I’m sure he’d be in the hospital already!

The Geek and I were feeling quite a bit better by bedtime Wednesday, but seriously…who would have thought a stomach bug could make you feel like someone vice-clamped your entire body so you feel like a gigantic bruise from head to toe?

I’ve been getting dizzy when I move, sit up, stand up, bend down; exhausted from SITTING ON THE COUCH HOLDING MR. HAPPY (seriously? exhausted from that?) and wiped out from making us food…once per day.

My kitchen is a disgrace.  I actually took a picture to show you what a kitchen looks like when every.single.person. in the family is sick simultaneously, but I’m just too embarrassed to show it to you.  <hangs head in shame>

Laundry is ridiculous.  Between being vomited on, and using linens to clean up vomit, the laundry room stinks and is piled high with foul piles of stuff to launder.

The best part?  I know for a fact that NONE of this will get addressed for at least 3-5 more days.  As wiped out as I am, as physically drained as I get doing even the most mundane of tasks, the kids and I will still be sitting on the couch, watching TV for as long as we can get away with it.

After all, the Geek is threatening me with the terrifying words: “I’m going to go to work tomorrow”.  HORROR OF HORRORS!!!

So if I’m alone with two little sickies, and I’m sick, too, just changing the diapers and keeping them alive will MORE than drain me for the rest of the week.

Eventually (like, by New Year’s Eve, I’m hoping) I’ll be caught back up and my house won’t look like absolute pigs and slobs live here.

<snort>  Yeah, I’m not holding my breath for that one.

This stomach bug…I don’t think I dislike ANYONE to wish this one on them.

On the plus side?  I lost another 8 pounds in three days.

Oh!  I have an idea!  Anyone need to drop some weight?  Come over to my house tomorrow and help me clean up (code: clean up for me)!  You’ll touch all the cooties in the process, and then, when you’re sick, you’re almost guaranteed to lose 8-10 pounds. It’s a sure thing!

This is my first real experience being conscious and sick with kiddos.  Is it always this hard?  (We all got sick once when Mr. Charm was a baby, but I was SO sick I was basically unconscious for three days and then bounced back pretty quickly.  So, this is kind of my first dealings with The Sick that hits us all.)

I’m hoping that sometime next week I’ll be able to get back on here more regularly.  I actually miss writing.  But I’m signing off for now.  Mama’s Tired.

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