Summers Stories: Normal Baby versus FPIES

When you start blogging, one of the first big recommendations is to have a schedule for your posts. It doesn’t have to be set in stone, but a general guideline really helps keep your blog on track. For Cradle Rocking Mama, I generally write one post per week (usually Monday) that … Continue reading

The Triple Birthday Party

Last Wednesday was my birthday, and I spent it flying home from work and doing another goat milk run once home. Then I passed out at 8:45pm. I know. I’m such a party animal! That day was also the first day of the apricot trial break. Zac has been having … Continue reading

Apricot Trial

Last Thursday I walked into the health food co-op and saw a gigantic display of Apricots. They had just gotten them in, and told me they should continue to receive them for the next couple of months. Apricots are on my short list of foods to trial next for Zac, … Continue reading

Emptying the Bucket

  Well. Long time no write. Sorry. So, last Monday we were Zombies because Zac had spent a weekend teething horribly with no amber necklace and kept us awake. We put the necklace back on him and suddenly he was much better…and I then spent the next two nights completely … Continue reading

Stomach Bugs Can Bite Me

Last week I wrote about being fructosed. I was. It was rotten. It also served to mask the early symptoms of a stomach bug. One I didn’t decide I actually had until Wednesday. That’s right; I had a vicious stomach bug that took me at least three days to diagnose. … Continue reading

Another One Bites The Dust

Last Thursday evening, Darrel and I decided to begin our next formula trial. We’d decided to go ahead and do a gradual trial before I returned to my last two weeks at work before the leave of absence, and Zac was at baseline on Wednesday. So, Thursday evening we gave … Continue reading

Dear One Year Molars

Dear One Year Molars, Sigh…I’m very disappointed in you. You’ve been hanging around in Zac’s mouth for over a month now without popping through. You’re causing him a great deal of pain. Which means, of course, a month of disturbed sleep for MAMA, too, and many days of me having … Continue reading

Bad Words. Bad Words. Very Very VERY Bad Words.

Sorry in advance, but this is going to be a long, sad post. Back in June we started a quinoa trial. We planned to pull the quinoa for three days and resume the trial to see if he reacted, and on the final day of the first stage of the … Continue reading

What To Do With a New Tooth

Saturday afternoon, as I struggled to strap a screaming Zac into his carseat, I looked down to see that – oh my goodness! He got another tooth! Finally. This teething thing was getting old. So he now has 7 little teeth in his cute little head, and I’m sure the … Continue reading

Apparently Teething Makes FPIES Kids Sick

…at least, when their Mama doesn’t pay enough attention to what they are teething on! As a modern, good mother, I made sure to get lots of solid wood toys for my boys to play with.  Like Jed’s Thomas Trains, and the entire wooden layout. Zac has been delivering tiny, … Continue reading