Riding the Roller Coaster

The last post I wrote shared how grateful I feel for our little “not normal” lives. I was. I am. But, you know, the reality is that no one can sustain any feeling on a 24/7 basis. Not even gratitude for the blessings you have. Last week was an absolute … Continue reading

Norovirus…And a Cold?

Well. What. A. Week. I wrote the last post Sunday night before bed, scheduled it to post bright and early the next morning, and went to sleep. Unlike Saturday night, Sunday night Zac would not/could not sleep without me laying right next to him. Preferably with a boobie in his … Continue reading

A Horrible Weekend

I’m a wreck. Friday afternoon we drove to my parents house. After a fun afternoon fishing in their pond, Darrel and I left the boys with Grandma and PopPop and came home for some alone time. Very early the next morning, the phone rang. It was my Mom, calling to … Continue reading

The Lifting Fog

We seem to be on the upswing, finally, from the virus that wiped us all out the last week and a half. The “sick fog” is lifting, and we are slowly getting back to routine. Darrel caught it last, and he is still suffering worse than the rest of us, … Continue reading

Ten Reasons Why Sick Kiddos Suck

It is Monday and the kiddos are still sick. Zac’s fever finally broke, but his cough has gotten worse and both kids have faucets for noses. I’ve done everything I can think of to help my kiddos feel better, and a lot of it is helping. But with this particular … Continue reading

FPIES, Fructose Malabsorption and a Virus: 3 Natural Ways to Relieve Discomfort (when you can’t take medicine)

It’s Friday. I’m not doing a Frugal Friday post today. Why? Because we’ve been invaded by a virus and I’ve been busy tending to two sick little boys. Not only have I not had time to sit down and write, but financial planning just really isn’t on my mind right … Continue reading

Mesenteric Lymphadenitis, aka How To Make Parents Insane In One Day

Weekend before last, Jed came down with a mild form of the stomach bug that has been working its way through the GI system of America this month. Because I knew about the bug, I didn’t go to the doctor (or even call the doctor) when he turned up with … Continue reading

Emptying the Bucket

  Well. Long time no write. Sorry. So, last Monday we were Zombies because Zac had spent a weekend teething horribly with no amber necklace and kept us awake. We put the necklace back on him and suddenly he was much better…and I then spent the next two nights completely … Continue reading

A Letter to My Boys

Dearest Sweet Boys, I love you SO much.  And I love  how you love me.  Really, it’s absolutely wonderful how you want to be near me, right there with me, doing exactly what I’m doing, all the time.  The way you both want to be held constantly and snuggle with … Continue reading