Why Mom’s Should Water Our Own Roots First

As a Flight Attendant, I’m well-versed in the concept of “take care of yourself first, then take care of everyone else”. It’s taught to us from our first day of training on: we can’t take care of the passengers unless we’ve taken care of ourselves. This is specifically in reference … Continue reading

The Secret Worry of Rare Disease Parents

This is something that has been on my mind for a long time, but I’ve held off writing about it because…well, it’s hard to write about. Parents, by design, have to live with a certain degree of worry. We worry about little things, like whether our child is developing on … Continue reading

Rocephin NON-Reaction?

Last week, when we needed to give Rocephin shots to Zac thanks to a double ear infection, I was sure we were about to endure another FPIES reaction. After all, he’d reacted to his last round of shots. Imagine my surprise as each day passed with NO signs of a reaction … Continue reading

Ten Reasons Why Sick Kiddos Suck

It is Monday and the kiddos are still sick. Zac’s fever finally broke, but his cough has gotten worse and both kids have faucets for noses. I’ve done everything I can think of to help my kiddos feel better, and a lot of it is helping. But with this particular … Continue reading

FPIES, Fructose Malabsorption and a Virus: 3 Natural Ways to Relieve Discomfort (when you can’t take medicine)

It’s Friday. I’m not doing a Frugal Friday post today. Why? Because we’ve been invaded by a virus and I’ve been busy tending to two sick little boys. Not only have I not had time to sit down and write, but financial planning just really isn’t on my mind right … Continue reading

Mesenteric Lymphadenitis, aka How To Make Parents Insane In One Day

Weekend before last, Jed came down with a mild form of the stomach bug that has been working its way through the GI system of America this month. Because I knew about the bug, I didn’t go to the doctor (or even call the doctor) when he turned up with … Continue reading

Frugal Friday – Regift Your Kids Presents To Them

  Another Christmas has come and gone, and I think we can all agree on one thing: if you have kids, right now it looks like a toy store vomited all over your house! Despite lack of funds and/or desire to keep the gift-giving reined in, the truth is that … Continue reading

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I had a whole big post written for today, talking about how Christmas is different for FPIES families. How we have to eschew certain traditions and alter others so that the Christmas’s we create for our kiddos don’t really resemble the ones we had when we were kids. You know … Continue reading

I Am A Parent First

  It is well established by now that being a special needs parent is challenging. In our case, the food challenges can be utterly consuming of time and energy. Every bite of food must be considered carefully. Once the decision is made of what  to cook, then the method of … Continue reading

Kids: You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Y’all, I really just can’t make this stuff up. So yesterday morning, Jed pitched a fit when I wanted to take off his overnight disposable diaper. Frankly, I get tired of fighting the whims of a toddler 24/7, so when it’s something that doesn’t matter all that much in the … Continue reading