The Five Stages of Grief: FURY

Yeah. I know. It’s actually “anger”. You’ll understand. Let me tell you a story about Monday… Jed peed in his riding toy. It leaked all over the floor, of course. Before that, he head butted me in the face making my eye sore and tender. I decided to eat a … Continue reading

Another FPIES Reaction

The last half of August was a hot mess for me. I worked ten days in the month, all of which were after the 16th. That explains my absence here last week, by the way; anything beyond basic survival was WAY beyond my abilities! To make matters worse, this last … Continue reading

Holding Our Breath

If you follow me on Facebook you know that Tuesday night, a mere 5 days after the Splash reaction, we were pretty much forced into a new formula trial. This time, we chose Alimentum RTF.  We had tentative hope for the Ali, because it is the only formula that has … Continue reading

Another One Bites The Dust

Last Thursday evening, Darrel and I decided to begin our next formula trial. We’d decided to go ahead and do a gradual trial before I returned to my last two weeks at work before the leave of absence, and Zac was at baseline on Wednesday. So, Thursday evening we gave … Continue reading

Cradle Rocking Mama is One…and One YEAR on a TED!!!

Actually, I’m not entirely sure that today is the actual  one year anniversary of Cradle Rocking Mama. As I said in the beginning, I post-dated the first many entries to correspond to the day they actually happened. Sometime in the first two weeks of August WAS the day I launched … Continue reading

Bad Words. Bad Words. Very Very VERY Bad Words.

Sorry in advance, but this is going to be a long, sad post. Back in June we started a quinoa trial. We planned to pull the quinoa for three days and resume the trial to see if he reacted, and on the final day of the first stage of the … Continue reading

One Year With FPIES

Like I said, this is a week of anniversaries. One year ago today, our world changed forever. Oh, we didn’t get our diagnosis until August 1st, but on July 18th – the day after we learned Jed’s IgE to egg had gotten so much worse that we needed an Epi-pen … Continue reading

Traveling on a TED Step 3: Cool Gizmos

This is the third post of my series on “Traveling on a TED” – or, Total Elimination Diet. You can find the previous posts here and here. __________ Once you’ve figured out what you can eat and gathered all your food, then you have to decide how you’re going to cook it … Continue reading

Traveling on a TED Step 2: Preparation

This is the second post of my series on “Traveling on a TED” – or, Total Elimination Diet. You can find the first post here. __________ So to prepare all this food to go to work I had to do a lot of cooking, and I had my Excalibur running almost 24/7 … Continue reading

Traveling on a TED Step 1: Planning

Some people might be curious how I stay on my Total Elimination Diet while traveling non-stop for days on end. It’s a good question, and the answer is: lots of planning, preparation, and cool gizmos. I started to write this as a single post, but it was just too involved … Continue reading