The Big Girl Panties Come Back!

Everything looks better after a good night’s sleep, you know? I don’t think there’s any way I can possibly THANK YOU ALL for the outpouring of support and encouragement we received yesterday. It means the world to me. Seeing how many people are “in our corner” and praying for my … Continue reading

FPIES Children With NO Safe Foods: Nutricia Responds!

Earlier this week I wrote about FPIES Children With NO Safe Foods, asking for your help in spreading the story to help these children. Y’all were awesome!  I hear there was a boost in Facebook “Likes” on Michael’s page, and I know several of you shared his link.  Thank you!  (And if … Continue reading

FPIES Children With NO Safe Foods

Take a trip into your imagination for a minute… You are the mother (or father) of a precious little boy. He’s adorable!  The light of your life.  You can’t believe how lucky you are to be his parent.  You snuggle with him, lovingly bathe him, tickle him and cover him … Continue reading

Our New Team – The Dietician

Tuesday this week we met with the dietician.  I honestly didn’t have high hopes, as – aside from one friend who is a knowledgeable dietician (and fellow FPIES Mama) – our experiences with dieticians has been lackluster. In this case, I was pleasantly thrilled!  This lady knew about my kids … Continue reading

Our New Team – The Allergist

After meeting up with the grandparents (my Mom and the Geek’s Dad) and Mr. Charm, we left to go find some food for me to eat.  We were quickly interrupted by a phone call from the allergists office asking if we were okay and where we were. I was a … Continue reading

My New Reality

This morning I called both the pediatric Allergist and the GI doctor.  I wanted to tell them about Mr. Happy’s increasing reaction to the Neocate, and our experiment this weekend with dilution. The GI was in labs all day, so his nurse (who was barely comprehendible) took a message and … Continue reading

Gluten Free and On The Dole

The hospital gave us 2 cans of Neocate and the remaining pre-mixed formula they had ready for Mr. Happy when we left the hospital.  This only provided, by my estimation, enough food for Mr. Happy to last until Monday or Tuesday of the following week.  Not a lot of time … Continue reading