Getting Schooled in Organic Potatos

The Great Potato Search is on…and it’s pretty much already fizzled. This morning I was up before dawn, schlepping the kiddos out to the larger Farmer’s Market in our area. The mission: buy as many organic, non-jacked with potatos as possible and find a source for more. If I could … Continue reading

A Very Hard Decision

Today we are supposed to be in Atlanta, having follow up appointments with our GI and Allergist. We are not in Atlanta. We cancelled the appointments. It was REALLY hard to make this decision. Darrel and I spend our lives trying to make sure our kiddos have the very best … Continue reading

Holding Our Breath

If you follow me on Facebook you know that Tuesday night, a mere 5 days after the Splash reaction, we were pretty much forced into a new formula trial. This time, we chose Alimentum RTF.  We had tentative hope for the Ali, because it is the only formula that has … Continue reading

One Year With an Epi-Pen

This week is just an Anniversary Week for us, and kick-starting it is today – July 17, 2013 is One Year we’ve been the parents of a child in need of an Epi-Pen. Last year on this day, I took Jed to the allergist to be re-tested for his allergies. … Continue reading

When Mama’s Away…

Zac has FPIES reactions, apparently. This is the hard part of child care for an FPIES family; no matter how much the caregiver loves the child and believes that FPIES is real and serious, if they haven’t lived it every moment of the day they just don’t quite understand the … Continue reading

First Food Trial – Quinoa

Last week I went to the doctor. For me, not the kids. I’ve been having some strange symptoms the last 6 weeks or so. A strange “lightening” in my chest followed by the feeling that I’m suddenly standing on a mountain peak, having a hard time breathing the thin air. … Continue reading

The Poop Collection Conundrum

Definition of Conundrum: “an intricate and difficult problem.” Did I mention the sheer volume of tests the GI ordered for Mr. Happy and Mr. Charm? Did you catch that they are STOOL samples? I wasn’t too concerned…I’ve collected LOTS of poop from my kiddos over the last two and a … Continue reading

Our New Team – The Allergist

After meeting up with the grandparents (my Mom and the Geek’s Dad) and Mr. Charm, we left to go find some food for me to eat.  We were quickly interrupted by a phone call from the allergists office asking if we were okay and where we were. I was a … Continue reading

The Blood Draw (for our New Team)

We left Dr. G’s office and the grandparents took Mr. Charm to get some lunch while I took Mr. Happy for his blood draw. Poor little guy had 16mL of blood drawn!  Ouch! He really does have tough veins to draw from.  It’s a new experience for me: I’m basically … Continue reading

Our New Team – The Gastroenterologist

Last Tuesday, we loaded up and drove to meet with our – hopefully – new gastroenterologist. This doctor had been highly recommended to us, and I hoped very much that he would actually be a contributing part of my boys health care. As with any new doctor, there was a … Continue reading