Ten Thing I Wish I’d Known When My Kids Were Diagnosed With Food Allergies

This first trip back to work was good, but exhausting. Instead of trying to force my tired brain into writing, I thought I’d bring back a topic I’ve already addressed: Things I wish I’d known when we first got our food allergy diagnosis. Reading over this list today, I’m struck … Continue reading

Holding Our Breath

If you follow me on Facebook you know that Tuesday night, a mere 5 days after the Splash reaction, we were pretty much forced into a new formula trial. This time, we chose Alimentum RTF.  We had tentative hope for the Ali, because it is the only formula that has … Continue reading

One Year With an Epi-Pen

This week is just an Anniversary Week for us, and kick-starting it is today – July 17, 2013 is One Year we’ve been the parents of a child in need of an Epi-Pen. Last year on this day, I took Jed to the allergist to be re-tested for his allergies. … Continue reading

Snickers Really Satisfies – My Urge to Worry!

Tuesday evening the kids and I were at the grocery store. Jed was entertaining himself by looking at the candy, which, as I’ve already said, the poor child has no concept of. He doesn’t want to eat any of it, he just likes the pretty colors! He grabbed a Snickers bar … Continue reading

The Incredible, In-edible CORN

FAAW is nearing its completion. I have seen some beautiful, amazing testimonies to the effects of food allergies on families, and learned some new food allergy facts and trivia (yes, no matter how far in the food allergy rabbit hole you’ve fallen, you still learn new things all the time!). … Continue reading

Our New Team – The Allergist

After meeting up with the grandparents (my Mom and the Geek’s Dad) and Mr. Charm, we left to go find some food for me to eat.  We were quickly interrupted by a phone call from the allergists office asking if we were okay and where we were. I was a … Continue reading

It’s Always Something

Monday night, the Geek woke up in the middle of the night and went to eat some cereal.  Somehow, a bite of cereal managed to crack one of his teeth!  He said it hurt like crazy, and was not feeling very well Tuesday. The dentist said the tooth is not … Continue reading

Back in the Kitchen – Salmon Patties!

Click here for my revised recipe. It’s also egg-free and gluten-free, and has printable formatting and much better photos! Thank you! Ever since Thanksgiving, I’ve been pretty much out of the kitchen.  With being so sick for so long, I completely lost my drive to ‘create’ and found myself fairly … Continue reading

Bald Heads and Gummy Smiles

My babies are bald.  And they have delicious gummy smiles. I drink in the smell of Mr. Happy’s little bald head.  One day, in about six or seven more months, he’ll have enough hair that I won’t be able to kiss his sweet scalp.  I’ll be kissing peach fuzz, instead. … Continue reading

Child Care

I love my children. Ahem.   More specifically… I *LOVE* my children with every fiber of my being. But sometimes, the unrelenting…relentlessness  of being responsible for them 24/7/365 is just flat-out exhausting. Because I don’t ever – EVER – get a break.** Child care is hard enough to find without … Continue reading