Rocephin Reaction

Before my impromptu craft fair hiatus, I left our regularly scheduled posting with a cliff-hanger: Zac had an ear infection last week that required another round of Rocephin shots. Obviously, this is not great news; at the same time, though, I admit to being a little excited. After our last … Continue reading

A Very Hard Decision

Today we are supposed to be in Atlanta, having follow up appointments with our GI and Allergist. We are not in Atlanta. We cancelled the appointments. It was REALLY hard to make this decision. Darrel and I spend our lives trying to make sure our kiddos have the very best … Continue reading

FPIES and Nature Apparently Don’t Mix

On Monday I talked about Zac’s ongoing FPIES reactions, and how he’s had some “unidentifiable somethings that LOOK like they might be food, but really, I don’t know” in his diaper that were our only clue as to what might be causing his current acute/chronic reactions. And we really did … Continue reading

Our New Team – The Gastroenterologist

Last Tuesday, we loaded up and drove to meet with our – hopefully – new gastroenterologist. This doctor had been highly recommended to us, and I hoped very much that he would actually be a contributing part of my boys health care. As with any new doctor, there was a … Continue reading

A Good Decision

Yesterday we had our first appointments with the Atlanta specialists. Coming here was a good decision. I have so much to say about how it went and what I learned, but I don’t have a computer and it is far too much to type on an iPhone.  So I’ll just … Continue reading

Georgia Bound

Back in December, I mentioned that we were going to Travel For Medical Care.  Next Tuesday is our Big Day.  We will see a new GI and a new Allergist on Tuesday, and hopefully get an appointment with the nutritionist they both use. We picked doctors in Atlanta, mostly because … Continue reading

OK. I Give In. I Hate Doctors.

I took Mr. Charm to the GI on Monday, Oct. 15th.  The doctor wouldn’t give us the hydrogen breath test, but did other tests to ‘rule things out’. We were told we would be called with the results.  They didn’t call. I finally called the doctor on Friday, the 26th … Continue reading

I Will Not Hate Doctors, I Will Not Hate Doctors…

(I’m going to apologize in advance…this post is rather long and disjointed, but for all my editing efforts I can’t seem to improve it.  I’m still exhausted from Monday and seriously irritated and confused, and this is the best I can do.  Thanks for sticking with me!) Riddle me this: … Continue reading

The Hoop-Jumping World of Hydrogen Breath Testing

Last week I posted about my new suspicion that Mr. Charm may have fructose malabsorption, and my determination to have him tested for the condition. The day before that post ran, I called our pediatrician to ask what needed to be done to order the test.  I spoke with a … Continue reading