Fructose-free “French’s”-style Yellow Mustard

Jed, as you may know, has fructose malabsorption. Trying to find foods that are safe for him is quite a challenge – particularly things like sausages, hot dogs, bacon…and condiments. All of those things are typically chock-full of fructose, not to mention fun things like “natural flavors” and “seasonings”. We … Continue reading

How to Treat Constipation Naturally and Fructose-Free

While we dealt with all the fun viral sickies this week, we realized that all day on Saturday Jed had told us “something is wrong with me”. Of course, both Darrel and I were like “Duh! You’re sick!” so we ignored him. Finally he climbed up on my lap at … Continue reading

Hot Cocoa: Syrup Version (Dairy/Soy/Sugar Free)

In honor of the frigid temperatures across the U.S. this week (except in California, to whom I think we all want to say pthhtt!), I thought I’d share a couple more hot cocoa recipes! I already shared a fantastic dairy and fructose-free instant hot cocoa mix, so here’s a hot … Continue reading

Hot Cocoa! (No Dairy or Fructose)

We’ve been snowed in since Friday. The way it looks now, we won’t be able to get out until Wednesday at the earliest. This would be one of those “disadvantages” to rural living, in case you wondered. Although, in some ways, it’s an advantage! Even though my normal days involve … Continue reading

Guaca-what? (Fructose-Free Guacamole)

Last night was Taco Tuesday at the Summers house, and out of nowhere, I got the idea to make guacamole. Why I thought Darrel and Jed might like guacamole, I don’t know. So far, the only way avocado has been remotely palatable to either of them is when it is … Continue reading

Delicious Dairy/Egg/Gluten & Fructose-Free Chocolate Cake AND Frosting!

(Edited Post Notes: I know, I know – I said this was Vegan, originally! Obviously, it is clearly NOT a Vegan recipe once you read through it. What can I say? My tired Mommy brain thought writing “dairy, egg, gluten, and fructose-free” looked too cumbersome and made the decision that … Continue reading

Beat the Heat With Popsicles

I remember playing outside in the summertime as a kid. The sun would blaze overhead and the neighborhood kids would run until we couldn’t run any more. We made up fun games (like Pine Cone War) and turned a disturbing shade of brown from being in the sun all day. … Continue reading

Dairy and Fructose Free Chocolate Easter Bunnies

In February, I had a miserable time trying to make some Valentine’s Day chocolates for Jed.  The poor child has never had a chocolate bar in his life, and I was determined to make some for him!  I failed, but I vowed I would keep trying until I got it … Continue reading

The Great Candy Experiment

They say that Valentine’s Day is about Love.   <snort>  I disagree.  Valentine’s Day is about CHOCOLATE! Until I married the Geek, I rarely had a “beau” on Valentine’s Day.  Just my luck, I always either met a guy right after  the Big V, or my relationship ended right before  … Continue reading

Banana Ice Cream

I have something SO awesome to share with you, I can hardly stand it! I can take NO credit whatsoever for this delicious concoction. Most of my recipes are my own creations, or such a major overhaul of someone else’s idea that I can still claim it as my own. … Continue reading