I Still Have FPIES Eyes

Long-time readers, you’re probably bored with this post by now, but because I have received such positive feedback on it, I’m re-posting it in honor of FAAW (Food Allergy Awareness Week). Just like I did last year.  Think of this as the “It’s A Wonderful Life” of my little food … Continue reading

*WE* Have FPIES Eyes!

In honor of FAAW, I thought it a good idea to bring back one of my most popular posts: FPIES Eyes. After that post ran, Darrel came up with the image up above. As part of raising awareness (and, let’s be honest, funds for our family), we created a Zazzle … Continue reading


Over the weekend, one of the other FPIES Mama’s on the boards mentioned taking her children to the circus.  She had received special permission to bring food for her FPIES kiddo, but her kids really really really wanted cotton candy! Fortunately, she remembered to check the ingredients first, which was … Continue reading