Baseline? What’s That?

This. Is getting. Ridiculous. Last month, we all got sick after our Chicago trip. Jed and Darrel bounced back quickly, but Zac and I had a harder time recovering. We had barely begun feeling better when, about three weeks ago, we all got the stomach bug. Seriously? Apparently, every Fall … Continue reading

Fall(ing Apart)

Last year I wrote about how fall always makes me feel like cleaning the house; like it’s time for a fresh start. Usually I do feel that way each fall. Not this year, though. Instead, this year I feel like I’m falling apart. Physically, we’ve dealt with being sick for … Continue reading

Quinoa, Craziness, and Ear Infections

<chirp chirp chirp> That’s the sound of the crickets chirping in the silence of the last week here at Cradle Rocking Mama. I’ve been, as they say, out of pocket. And out of my mind, but that’s starting to seem all too typical! So, to ease any concerns I’m going … Continue reading