After the Egg Break

My poor little boys had a mildly  rough time last week. Because of the egg trial, I’ve been even more paranoid than normal about keeping the floors in my kitchen and dining room cleaned. If Zac gets a crumb, it’s not good…but if Jed gets a bit of egg, it’s … Continue reading

Perfect Sandwich Bread – Gluten & Gum-Free & Vegan!

Before I talk about this AWESOME recipe, I thought I’d give you a little update. Last night, Zac had a definite FPIES reaction. No confusion; his diapers told the story quite clearly. (I’ll refrain from details, as I’m about to talk about food!) We’re not 100% sure it is the … Continue reading

When Recipes Go Wrong

Being a wheat/egg/dairy/freaking-everything-free family, one thing I really mourn the loss of is bread.  Bread would be SO nice to have again. I could make Jed sandwiches, french toast, regular toast, or just slather a slice in some sunbutter and call it a snack. You don’t realize how versatile bread … Continue reading

My Bloody Boys

Oh, blood.  I never thought Motherhood would bring so much blood into my life. Yesterday Mr. Charm’s first poopy diaper of the day had visible blood in it.  As I’ve stated before, that has only ever happened for him if he consumes dairy.  So I called the Geek at work … Continue reading