Bananas Are Back! (And So Am I)

Well, hi there! Long time no see! I know. I’ve been MIA for a while. My Dad even asked me if I’d stopped blogging. That’s a big NO! I have not stopped blogging. I just…stopped writing for a bit. Honestly, I don’t know what’s going on with me. I’m so … Continue reading

God’s Providence

Yesterday’s recipe was a surprise to me. I wrote it and scheduled to post it last week – and forgot all about it! Just to give a little update, things are better. First, I want to thank you all for your concern, prayers, and insight. After the last post, I … Continue reading

Sea Salt is Safe (and Miscellaneous Thoughts)

You know what is not fun? When you have to work the last week of August and the first two weeks of September, and life suddenly feels like “all work and no play”. That’s been my dilemma, and why I’ve been incredibly patchy on posting lately. There’s just too much … Continue reading

Banana Goat Milk Ice Cream

Last year I shared about Banana Ice Cream. It truly is an awesome little treat, especially for the dairy intolerant/allergic! However, with the addition of goat milk in our diets, I was excited about making ‘real’ ice cream for my family. Only one problem: goat milk doesn’t have as much … Continue reading

FPIES Food Trials & Confirmed Fructose Malabsorption

Turns out all my angst was for nothing. At least for now. The strawberry trial didn’t happen. Shortly after I shared that post, I gave Zac some fresh strawberries. He refused to even let one touch his lips! It was a straight repeat of the maple syrup trial the night … Continue reading

I Hate Food Intolerances

I’m going to say something that will probably really raise the hackles of Food Allergy Mama’s everywhere: in a straight comparison, I love food allergies and I hate food intolerances.  Of course I’d rather not deal with ANY of them, but let’s face it: allergies are easy in comparison. This … Continue reading

Exploding Boobies, Broken Planes, and a 3 Year Old With a Flashlight

Thursday we resumed the banana trial for Zac, and it went so well I decided I could go to work over the weekend. I found a trip to work on Saturday that was quick and “easy”, but worth a decent amount of money. I thought I’d share with you how … Continue reading

Na-na-na-na-na-na Let’s Go Bananas!

(Strangely enough, I miss The Fresh Beat Band on Netflix…) Before I begin today’s post I want to share that I’m home, and my fears about too-soon weaning are fading into the ether. As soon as Zac saw me, he started pulling at my shirt for boobie. He immediately nursed … Continue reading