Apricot Trial

Last Thursday I walked into the health food co-op and saw a gigantic display of Apricots. They had just gotten them in, and told me they should continue to receive them for the next couple of months. Apricots are on my short list of foods to trial next for Zac, … Continue reading

Cleaning Out the Farmer’s Market

Last week I went to work for two days. The kids, as usual, spent that time at my parent’s house. BOY do I have something to share about THAT couple of days! But that’s for tomorrow. For now, let’s focus on food trials.  We took our regular 3 day break from … Continue reading

Red Letter Day (How Even Experienced FPIES Parents Screw Up)

I feel sick to my stomach right now. I had a post all ready to go for this morning, but then this happened and now it’s all I can think about. Yesterday I wanted to finally take the time to try and make quinoa in a way I would like … Continue reading

To Quinoa, or Not to Quinoa…(of Buckets & Baseline)

Well, I think we might just be losing our minds. Or maybe it’s just a case of “desperate times calls for desperate measures”. In either case, Darrel and I had some intense discussions this weekend and have basically decided…”to hell with baseline” and “screw gut rest”. Baseline has been, thus … Continue reading

Another FPIES Reaction

The last half of August was a hot mess for me. I worked ten days in the month, all of which were after the 16th. That explains my absence here last week, by the way; anything beyond basic survival was WAY beyond my abilities! To make matters worse, this last … Continue reading