Snack Attack – Carrot Chips

At my wit’s end one day, looking for a new snack Mr. Charm wouldn’t turn up his nose at, I decided to shred some carrots and fry them up.

Thanks to my new fryer, this proved to be an easy task.

I took a peeler and peeled long strips of carrot until there just wasn’t any carrot left to peel.

Carrots, peeled and waiting for the fryer.

While I was doing that, I heated up the fryer oil to 300 degrees.

When it was ready, I dumped a couple of handfuls of carrots into the basket and set the timer to 3 minutes and 30 seconds.  They’re ready to eat at 3 minutes, but I like them a little crispier.  It’s up to you!

Finished frying, draining into the pan.

When they’re done, I take them out, drain them, and treat them just as I do french fries.

Laid out on paper towels, seasoned with a little sea salt, ready to nosh on!

They were a HUGE success!  Mr. Charm just can’t get enough of them.  It’s a struggle to keep his hands away from them before they’ve cooled.  Chalk another one up for Mama!



-2 carrots per person (minimum)
-oil for frying
-sea salt
-garlic powder (optional)

1. Wash and peel your carrots.  Cut off the ends.
2. Using your peeler, peel off long strips of the carrots until you can’t peel any more.  Heat your oil to 300 degrees while you do this.
3. Drop a few handfuls of carrot peels into the oil; let fry for 3 to 3 and 1/2 minutes.
4. Drain off as much oil as you can, then lay out on paper towels.
5. Lightly season with sea salt and garlic powder – or any seasonings you think would be good!
6. Enjoy eating a snack that is (relatively) healthy and absolutely delicious!


What seasonings would you use to liven up your Carrot Chips?  Do you have any (relatively) healthy snacks that your kids just love?  Do share!


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