God Blesses Us…

…with the children we need.

I learned this lesson from a phone conversation with an old friend I hadn’t talked to in months.

She had her children young, and early on they were both diagnosed with being on the autism spectrum.

She fought valiantly for her kids, seeking therapy, changing diets, advocating at every turn.

Being about her age, I was a young, early twenties party girl that watched her move mountains for her kids and thought “Wow!  She’s amazing!  I could never, ever handle what she deals with!”

On the phone the other night, after hearing the bare bones of what Mr. Charm and Mr. Happy are dealing with, and what the Geek and I are doing to handle the situation, she commented “I could never deal with allergies like that!  You’re an amazing Mom!”

I just had to laugh.  Here we both were, fighting like mad for our kids, moving mountains and becoming advocates and activists in our own ways, BOTH saying we couldn’t handle what the other Mama was dealing with!

God Blesses us with the children we are best suited to care for.  He knows what we’re capable of.  He knows how far we can stretch and grow, and how much we can deal with.  And if there is a child with a special, extra need going to be born, He makes sure that child goes to the parents that are best equipped to give that extra special care.

The only problem comes when the parent doesn’t believe they can handle it.  It’s unfortunate that there are parents who fall into that camp.  Just think of the blessings they would have had if they’d had the faith to persist!

My friends’ kids are now no longer testing on the spectrum – AT ALL!!  In fact, they are now in advanced placement classes in high school, and busily dreaming of careers that require full college degrees.

They may never truly appreciate the way their Mom, my friend, fought, shoved, pushed, and worked to open the world up to them the way she has.  I hope they do.  I hope they know what an amazing Mama they’ve got.  If they don’t, I may have to go kick their butts!

So I take this lesson to heart: God Blesses us with the children we need, and a devoted Mama can make a permanent difference in her children’s lives.

I hope all Mama’s of children with any kind of special needs (or, frankly, ALL Mama’s) keep this in mind for those days when you think you just can’t go on another moment.

‘Cause they may be a blessing, but sometimes they can be…trying little blessings, can’t they!

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4 Responses to God Blesses Us…

  1. Rebecca says:

    Oh my goodness I needed that today! Thanks.

  2. melissa rothmund says:

    I needed that today…..thanks made me smile

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