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Folks, let’s talk shaving.

Women always complain about shaving; I see ecards on Pinterest celebrating the onset of fall, because apparently, fall=end of shaving season.

When I was obese, I put off shaving as much as I possibly could. For starters, it is really annoying to shave, and secondly, I never EVER wore tank tops or shorts. So who’s going to see my hairy pits and legs? Ergo, why bother?

Then I lost the weight and spring came and darned if I wasn’t wearing tank tops and shorts almost exclusively!

So now I shave once, and sometimes twice, per week at a minimum.

That’s a lot of razors to go through. Especially when razors are so expensive they’re kept on a locked display at many grocery stores.

Fortunately, I read something a while ago that has saved a lot of my razors from ending up in a landfill. I wish I could remember where I saw it so I could share the source, but I honestly don’t remember if this was in a blog, a magazine article, or an email.

UPDATE: A lovely reader recognized my tip and shared the link to the original source! Whew! I hate not giving credit to the original source. Thanks, Nicholle! So visit Clark Howard to see my inspiration. 

Anyway, here’s how to make your razor last forever.


Seriously. When you’re done shaving, rinse it, pat it dry, and leave it somewhere it either won’t get wet again or will easily drain off and air dry quickly.

That’s it.

What I read that gave me this tip said that a guy did an experiment to see how he could extend the life of a disposable razor, and the thing he tried that worked the best was to simply keep the blades as dry as possible between uses.

He said that he had used the same $1 razor blade for A YEAR and it still worked just as well as when he first opened the package.

I’m here to tell you, it’s all true.

I got a package of disposable razors with a coupon a few years ago. I’ve been using one of those razors for the last eleven months, and when I shave I’m still as smooth as silk!

It doesn’t have to be an expensive razor. The cheapies will do just fine with this experiment.

Figuring the cost of a package of disposable razors at about $10 for 5, and using one new razor every two weeks, that comes to about $100 a year.

Simply by drying your razor after every use, it’ll cost $2 per year to shave!

Very simple. Very effective.

Of course, your savings are going to depend on how often you shave and how frequently you change your blades, but no matter how you cut it, this will save money AND more junk in a landfill.

Hope that helps!


How long do your razors last?


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7 Responses to Frugal Fridays – Dry Your Razor

  1. Lesley says:

    I use an epilator so mine lasts for ever. 😉

    • Carrie says:

      Wow! You are one tough Mama! I thought about getting one of those when they first came out, but a friend of mine got one and reported that it was the worst pain she’d ever experienced…and showed us the bright red, raw skin under the small patch she’d attempted to “de-hair”. A whole group of us decided right then and there that we’d never have the nerve to try one!

      Of course, we were teenagers, so she very likely was using it wrong. Teenagers aren’t big on reading or following directions. 😉 (And yes, I just dated myself. LOL)

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  3. Angel54321 says:

    Lol. Spent $5000 on laser hair removal and all I had to do was keep my razor dry?!?

  4. Nicholle says:

    I also read about that from Clark Howard—

    • Carrie says:

      Nicholle! Thank you for this! I read it and YES! THAT is where I got the idea from years ago! I honestly could not remember where I’d seen it, but I hate not giving credit where credit is due. I’ll update my post, now! 🙂

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