How Living With A Rare Disease Kept Me From Participating in Rare Disease Day 2014

Today is Rare Disease Day. It’s kind of a big deal in my circles; a day to raise awareness for all people who live with a condition that is little known and little understood. I had some plans, y’all! There were things I was going to do today to celebrate … Continue reading

Pork is SAFE!!!

Earlier this week I’d said that Darrel and I were planning on “calling” pork on Friday. Well, I looked at the calendar, and subtracting the days where pork was on a break during the trial, Wednesday was the 18th day Zac had pork. He is showing absolutely NO signs of … Continue reading

Pork Trial Update

Last week I missed sharing a lot of things, so here’s a little update on how the kiddos are doing. When I left off, we discovered I had inadvertently corned Zac with dishwashing soap. That put the pork trial back in full swing, albeit with some residual reaction symptoms. We … Continue reading

The Best Valentine’s Gift Ever

…is discovering you made a mistake that means your son still has a chance at his second safe food! (Who needs flowers and chocolates, right?) OK, so, here’s the deal. Pork is still a trial in progress. I know, I know…yesterday I was all “doom and gloom” about how Zac … Continue reading

Pulled Pork

We’ve had a rough couple of days. Most of it is non-FPIES related, so I won’t bore you with the details, but let’s just say I’ve been feeling very shaky. Even if I’d been feeling great, though, yesterday would have brought me down. Yesterday, Zac reacted to the pork. It’s … Continue reading

This Little Piggy

After writing about our Anniversary and saying that we wouldn’t be able to go out on a date, we got a big surprise! My parents and I spoke early Friday morning, and Mom mentioned they were planning to go to town to run some errands. I had a sudden brainstorm: … Continue reading