The Triple Birthday Party

Last Wednesday was my birthday, and I spent it flying home from work and doing another goat milk run once home. Then I passed out at 8:45pm. I know. I’m such a party animal! That day was also the first day of the apricot trial break. Zac has been having … Continue reading

Cleaning Out the Farmer’s Market

Last week I went to work for two days. The kids, as usual, spent that time at my parent’s house. BOY do I have something to share about THAT couple of days! But that’s for tomorrow. For now, let’s focus on food trials.  We took our regular 3 day break from … Continue reading

Exploding Boobies, Broken Planes, and a 3 Year Old With a Flashlight

Thursday we resumed the banana trial for Zac, and it went so well I decided I could go to work over the weekend. I found a trip to work on Saturday that was quick and “easy”, but worth a decent amount of money. I thought I’d share with you how … Continue reading

Na-na-na-na-na-na Let’s Go Bananas!

(Strangely enough, I miss The Fresh Beat Band on Netflix…) Before I begin today’s post I want to share that I’m home, and my fears about too-soon weaning are fading into the ether. As soon as Zac saw me, he started pulling at my shirt for boobie. He immediately nursed … Continue reading

Up, Up and Away!

Well, it’s official. I’m a working Flight Attendant again. Saturday morning I left home and I’m still on the road. It’s going…okay, actually. I could write a novel about these last few days, but in the interest of keeping it brief, here are the most important things we’ve discovered since … Continue reading

Tips on Traveling With Toddlers With Food Allergies – Updated!

I decided to put my previous post about traveling with food allergies and kids to the ultimate test: I invited fellow travel experts, my Flight Attendant co-workers, to read it and add their two cents. Based on their input, I made a few additions to my new, improved list of Tips … Continue reading

Remembering…and Wondering

One day my children will ask me: “Mom?  Where were you on September 11th?”  This  might be the (long) version I tell them… I was a mere 19 years old when I hired on at my airline.  A scant 18 months later, I transferred to the Inflight Division.  I had … Continue reading