Astounding Compounding

Did you know that most children’s medicine has food dye in them?  And corn?  And all kinds of other preservatives and such that are really gross to think about?

Did you know that you don’t HAVE to give that junk to your kids?

I didn’t either.

But thanks to the wonderful women on BabyCenter’s FPIES boards, I learned about a little thing called “compounding”.

Basically, the pharmacist takes your list of requirements, and figures out a way to provide the medicine you need without any of your personal poisons.


Well, I have two kiddos that have allergies, most still unknown, and I need to have some drugs available for necessities.  (You know, Benadryl for mild allergic reactions, Motrin for teething pain, Tylenol for fevers, etc.)  So, I looked into compounding.

I probably should have gone to Walgreens; that way, in case I was ever out of town I could theoretically get the medicines we need right away.  That whole nationwide database thing, you know.  But, I took our pediatricians recommendation and went to Collier Drug instead.

Am I ever glad I did!

I’m not much for naming names here; I try to keep fairly anonymous for privacy reasons, and I don’t want to say anything untoward about someone accidentally, but I am naming me some names, now, folks!

Andrew and Rodney ROCK.  Period.

They walked me through the process, worked hard to figure out how to do what we needed, and even ordered special supplies to make the Vitamin D Mr. Happy needs.

I now have as pure as can be found antihistamines for both boys, Vitamin D for Mr. Happy, acetaminophen for Mr. Happy, and Motrin for Mr. Charm.

No food dyes.  No corn.  No preservatives.  No JUNK.

Yes, it costs a bit more than just buying the pretty boxes on the shelves, but it’s worth it, in my book.  Now I don’t have to worry that the medicine I give my kids for a mild allergic reaction may actually CAUSE an allergic reaction!  Now I know I’m only giving my kiddos exactly what they need, without the superfluous ingredients that really should concern mama’s everywhere.

The next step is to compound some daily vitamins for Mr. Charm, and maybe for myself.  (Yes, I’m losing weight on the elimination diet, but I need to keep my strength up and it’s hard to find vitamins that don’t have dairy or soy in them.)

So if you have some allergic kiddos, or if YOU are allergic, or if you just don’t like the idea of pumping food dyes and such into yourself or your family, look into compounding.

If you don’t have a drugstore near you that will do it, Rodney told me that they will happily make and mail any medicines you need to wherever you are.  Just contact Collier Drugs and they’ll take excellent care of you!

I was not paid or even encouraged to write this post.  I did it just because they are awesome and I wanted to share.  But Rodney and Andrew?  I wouldn’t say no to a discount on my next order!

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4 Responses to Astounding Compounding

  1. melissa rothmund says:

    Compounding is an awesome choice….we recommend it for most of our babies when going home from the nicu.

    • Mama says:

      Yes, it is awesome! Only, I just learned that Mannitol can be derived from corn, and that’s pretty much the only ‘filler’ they put in my kiddos medications. We’re trying to avoid corn, so I need to call Andrew and Rodney back to see what source their Mannitol has. I feel like I’m getting a crash course in chemistry lately, and I was awful at chemistry in school! LOL

      Good to hear from you!


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