The Blood Draw (for our New Team)

We left Dr. G’s office and the grandparents took Mr. Charm to get some lunch while I took Mr. Happy for his blood draw.

Poor little guy had 16mL of blood drawn!  Ouch!

He really does have tough veins to draw from.  It’s a new experience for me: I’m basically a vampire’s dream, and Mr. Charm takes after me.  Wave a needle in our direction and you get blood!

Mr. Happy, on the other hand, is built to keep his blood right where it belongs, thankyouverymuch.

I honestly thought, after the last two blood draw debacles, that the first was incompetence and the second was just bad luck.  Now I see it’s just his physiology.

Our phlebotomist was so sweet and gentle, and after one failed attempt in the arm he stopped and pulled out the ‘big guns’: heating packs for Mr. Happy’s hands.

You wanna piece a me?

You wanna piece a me?

He looked like he was about to go boxing!

They were a handy chew toy for a while, and when our tech thought Mr. Happy had dilated enough, he gave it another shot.

This time, it worked!

It took 4 tubes to get all the blood necessary to run the tests Dr. G had ordered.  Mr. Happy was quite hysterical by the time it was all over with.  Honestly, I think he mainly didn’t like being restrained more than anything.  He didn’t fight to pull his arm away during either blood draw attempt; we were holding him still more as a ‘just in case’.  He just didn’t like being held still.  (Can’t say I blame him!)

After Mr. Happy had been consoled from his traumatic blood draw, I gathered the insane amount of stool collection tubes and headed off to meet the grandparents and Mr. Charm.  (Seriously, our nice phlebotomist actually dug out a paper shopping bag with handles to put all the collection stuff in for me to carry…it was that much!)


In case you hadn’t figured it out, I’m breaking this story up into sections because I know none of you has an hour to read about our experience in one day!

So tomorrow, read all about our visit with our new Super Hero/Movie Star: The Allergist!

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  1. Rebecca says:

    I like the chunking of the story. I’m very interested in seeing what tomorrow brings.

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