Cradle Rocking Mama is One…and One YEAR on a TED!!!

Actually, I’m not entirely sure that today is the actual  one year anniversary of Cradle Rocking Mama. As I said in the beginning, I post-dated the first many entries to correspond to the day they actually happened. Sometime in the first two weeks of August WAS the day I launched … Continue reading


The Geek might start thinking I’m the most vain person on the planet soon, because I keep looking at myself in the mirror and making random exclamations about how GOOD I look now. It’s not vanity.  Really. It’s shock. I’m still having a hard time wrapping my head around the … Continue reading

The Naked Finger

Here’s a side effect of losing 60 pounds: my wedding rings no longer fit.  They are so loose, in fact, that if I gesture ‘loudly’ with my left hand, they fly off and bounce across the room! I don’t want to re-size them, yet, because after this elimination diet is … Continue reading

She Said, He Said

It’s an irrefutable fact: men are different from women. We think differently, act differently, and just plain function differently. Here is a prime example, straight from my marriage. OK, so, I’ve been losing a ton of weight.  (Down 38 pounds as of now!)  I feel great.  I look great.  I’m … Continue reading