An Alaska Getaway

Even beyond recent events, it’s fair to say that things have been a little rough in our family for a while. This winter was just one long sickness after another, we had to retrial almost all of Zac’s safe foods after a vicious stomach bug, have had several FPIES reactions, … Continue reading

Wishing For Normal

I wish we were normal. I wish we didn’t have so many food issues. I wish I were still obese and could feed my kids without thinking. I wish my kids could throw up and I didn’t have to analyze every aspect of their lives to determine the cause. I … Continue reading

I Hate Leaving My Kids

July worked really well for my work schedule, in the end. Even if I hadn’t called out sick, I only would have worked 8 days total. Five of those days, though, started last Wednesday. I didn’t get home until almost 2:00a.m. Sunday night/Monday morning, and I am still  exhausted from … Continue reading

A Very Hard Decision

Today we are supposed to be in Atlanta, having follow up appointments with our GI and Allergist. We are not in Atlanta. We cancelled the appointments. It was REALLY hard to make this decision. Darrel and I spend our lives trying to make sure our kiddos have the very best … Continue reading

How to Make Traveling for Work Easier on Your Toddler

After writing about Jed’s difficulties the last time I went to work, you were all AWESOME at offering suggestions for how to make it easier for him! I am looking forward to trying almost all of them in the future, but I know several of them will be better suited … Continue reading

Another FPIES Reaction

The last half of August was a hot mess for me. I worked ten days in the month, all of which were after the 16th. That explains my absence here last week, by the way; anything beyond basic survival was WAY beyond my abilities! To make matters worse, this last … Continue reading

Adjusting To Work With A HUGE Mama’s Boy!

Here I am, two months back at work and one week away from another five month leave of absence, and I have to tell you – adjusting to work is hard. When I started writing this, my story-telling quickly devolved into lengthy explanations of some of the difficulties of being … Continue reading

The Big Girl Panties Come Back!

Everything looks better after a good night’s sleep, you know? I don’t think there’s any way I can possibly THANK YOU ALL for the outpouring of support and encouragement we received yesterday. It means the world to me. Seeing how many people are “in our corner” and praying for my … Continue reading

Planes, Trains and Automobiles: The Search for Stevia

Last weekend I was scheduled to work on Saturday evening, and unfortunately the 4th of July reduced flight schedule meant there were no direct flights between home and work at all on Friday or Saturday. Further challenging my commute to work is the fact that the few multi-stop flights available … Continue reading

Babies on a Plane

It is such a well known irritant: the crying baby on the plane. Everyone rolls their eyes and groans at the thought of being the unlucky passenger seated near an infant on a flight. Some people even go so far as to request seat changes to get away from the … Continue reading