Back on the TED

So far 2016 has made me yearn with longing for the return of 2015. And 2015 was a really rough year for us. Go, 2016! The sad part is, the New Year started off great! I had to work that weekend, but I picked up a nifty 30+ hour layover … Continue reading

Weaning, Post-TED Food Trials & MCAD

It’s been a rough few weeks. In fact, there’s been so much happening that I can’t fit it all in one post, so this will be a nifty “ongoing storyline”. To begin, we do have some exciting news! October 30th, I arrived home from work in the early afternoon. As soon as I … Continue reading

Two Years on a TED, and…Outgrowing FPIES?

Friday marked the two year anniversary of my FPIES TED. I remember waking up on August 8, 2012, excited but apprehensive about the new diet our family was beginning. If you had told me then that two years later I would still only be able to eat 15 foods, I would … Continue reading

Let’s Talk Sugar and Real Food

For the last 22 months I have been sugar-free. That wasn’t intentional, it was an accidental by-product of the TED I went on for Zac’s FPIES. But still. The only sugars I’ve had this whole time were the ones my body created from the potatos I eat. When bananas became a … Continue reading

Why Mom’s Should Water Our Own Roots First

As a Flight Attendant, I’m well-versed in the concept of “take care of yourself first, then take care of everyone else”. It’s taught to us from our first day of training on: we can’t take care of the passengers unless we’ve taken care of ourselves. This is specifically in reference … Continue reading

Cradle Rocking Mama is One…and One YEAR on a TED!!!

Actually, I’m not entirely sure that today is the actual  one year anniversary of Cradle Rocking Mama. As I said in the beginning, I post-dated the first many entries to correspond to the day they actually happened. Sometime in the first two weeks of August WAS the day I launched … Continue reading