Baseline? What’s That?

This. Is getting. Ridiculous. Last month, we all got sick after our Chicago trip. Jed and Darrel bounced back quickly, but Zac and I had a harder time recovering. We had barely begun feeling better when, about three weeks ago, we all got the stomach bug. Seriously? Apparently, every Fall … Continue reading

Mesenteric Lymphadenitis, aka How To Make Parents Insane In One Day

Weekend before last, Jed came down with a mild form of the stomach bug that has been working its way through the GI system of America this month. Because I knew about the bug, I didn’t go to the doctor (or even call the doctor) when he turned up with … Continue reading

Ambiguity Stinks

I just have to state for the record that one thing that really stinks about FPIES is the complication factor. The last week we’ve been confused about the carrot trial on Zac. He has definitely had an acidic diaper rash and poo full of mucous, he has screamed in pain … Continue reading

Stomach Bugs Can Bite Me

Last week I wrote about being fructosed. I was. It was rotten. It also served to mask the early symptoms of a stomach bug. One I didn’t decide I actually had until Wednesday. That’s right; I had a vicious stomach bug that took me at least three days to diagnose. … Continue reading

An Ode to Pediatricians. Or a Rant. Either Way.

Whew.  What a rough two weeks here at the Rocking Casa.  First I lost my voice, then an FPIES reaction, then the stomach bug from hell (and another minor FPIES reaction, but it’s all over now). Stick a fork in me; I’m done! So the question came to my mind: … Continue reading

Paper is Poison, Or, Why My Weekend Included Bloody Diapers and Vomit

Friday morning, Mr. Happy had a diaper FILLED with blood.   It was so acidic, it instantly  burned his butt, leaving blisters and raw, bleeding open wounds in it’s wake. I seriously thought I was going to cry. Which just proves that my son is far tougher than I am, because I … Continue reading