Brown Thumb Gardener – Progress Report for May

“Carrie, Carrie, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?” Quite well, thank you! Despite getting a somewhat late start, things are just popping up all over! The potatos are going nuts! They’re just about to the point where I need to add another board and top them off with some … Continue reading

Carrot Popsicles – Mama Gets A Treat!

I’ve spent the last year devoted to making delicious, safe and nutritious food for my kiddos. Feeding myself is sort of an afterthought, even while on the TED. Most of my efforts on that front are simply making sure I get enough calories and that the food isn’t disgusting. Okay, … Continue reading

Planes, Trains and Automobiles: The Search for Stevia

Last weekend I was scheduled to work on Saturday evening, and unfortunately the 4th of July reduced flight schedule meant there were no direct flights between home and work at all on Friday or Saturday. Further challenging my commute to work is the fact that the few multi-stop flights available … Continue reading

Homemade Stevia Extract

The weather this spring has been weird. We had unseasonably cold weather until May! Even though I hadn’t planned on putting in a garden this year, a couple weeks ago the whole clan was at the garden center buying plants and soil. It sort of felt like the late frosts … Continue reading