Weaning, Post-TED Food Trials & MCAD

It’s been a rough few weeks. In fact, there’s been so much happening that I can’t fit it all in one post, so this will be a nifty “ongoing storyline”. To begin, we do have some exciting news! October 30th, I arrived home from work in the early afternoon. As soon as I … Continue reading

Spinach Pesto Pasta With Pollock

I’m having to get creative here, folks.  Getting rid of dairy, egg, rice, chicken, and all the other major allergens was N-O-T-H-I-N-G compared to the challenge of cooking fructose-free! I mean, how to you cook without tomatos, onion and garlic?! So, looking for a dinner idea the other night, I … Continue reading

Yummiest Stir-Fry EVER!

This is the basic recipe for what my husband calls “AWESOME!” I’m pretty sure you can tweak this to your own preferences and it will still remain awesome. Peel a few carrots, then cut them on the bias.  In a frying pan, add whatever oil/fat is acceptable on your diet … Continue reading