Sick Again

It’s been so quiet here for the last two weeks that I can hear crickets chirping, but there’s a good reason: we broke out of our comfort zone in a BIG way – and then we all got sick. Boo. I’ll share more about our trip in a whole post of its … Continue reading

We Love Potatos!!

On Thursday, August 13th, Darrel and I declared russet potatos a safe food for Zac. It’s his 18th safe food, and we couldn’t be happier! For his part, Zac adores potatos. He gets excited by mashed potatos, thrilled with hamburger hash, and ecstatic over French fries. For our part, life … Continue reading

Summers Stories: Fun With Kids

Being gone for a few weeks means a LOT has gone on in our lives that I haven’t shared. Let me start, though, by updating about the kiddos doctor appointment yesterday. Sure enough, the doctor found signs of ear infections in both boys. However, either the virus had just run … Continue reading

Summers Stories: Why My Son Wants Me to Throw Away All Our Bacon

Last Thursday I left for work again, arriving home on Monday morning. Have I mentioned lately that I am tired of going to work? It’s just exhausting. The good news is that February’s work schedule looks a lot better overall; it’s still a little grueling the first week of the … Continue reading

Zac Speaks!

A month ago I shared the scary proposition that Zac may have CAS (Childhood Apraxia of Speech). Shortly after that post, our beloved speech therapist was in a session with Zac and, hitting another brick wall of progress, called her boss in to observe.  Our therapist, Miss K, is amazing! The … Continue reading

Apraxia, Maybe?

Thanksgiving went beautifully for us! Last year Zac could only eat quinoa drops during the meal, while segregated in a high chair. This year he sat with us at the table and chowed down on 7 different foods! (Nine if you count butter, milk and salt.) It was a glorious … Continue reading

OK, Quinoa…I Don’t Think We’re Done With You Yet!

I have to start this post with a gigantic THANK YOU. After yesterdays emotional ordeal, I was overwhelmed with the outpouring of support and encouragement! To go through a food trial for the first time is scary; to think it was unsuccessful is devastating. But to know that there were … Continue reading

Zac’s Probiotic Trial: Update II

Sorry this is so late today; I didn’t get a chance to use the computer all weekend and today was wicked busy! SO…as I left it last week we were wondering about the corn in the probiotics and weren’t sure if Zac was handling them well or not. Monday I … Continue reading

FPIES and Nature Apparently Don’t Mix

On Monday I talked about Zac’s ongoing FPIES reactions, and how he’s had some “unidentifiable somethings that LOOK like they might be food, but really, I don’t know” in his diaper that were our only clue as to what might be causing his current acute/chronic reactions. And we really did … Continue reading

First Day of Speech Therapy

Last Wednesday was Mr. Charm’s first day of speech therapy. Even before he went, he had a word explosion!  He learned 8 new words the week before his first session, and started mimicking, which he had always refused to do before. At his ‘orientation’ session, his therapist said lots of … Continue reading