Wishing For Normal

I wish we were normal. I wish we didn’t have so many food issues. I wish I were still obese and could feed my kids without thinking. I wish my kids could throw up and I didn’t have to analyze every aspect of their lives to determine the cause. I … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Menu (And Salmon Trial)

We gave Zac salmon for dinner last Wednesday. He loved it! He actually licked his fingers and pressed them on the plate to get the tiny bits of salmon that were left after he scarfed down his serving. By far, his favorite way to eat salmon is in patty form, … Continue reading

Getting Back on the (Food Trial) Horse

We have some good news: sweet potatos and cauliflower are still safe! Yay, Zac! They’re even still safe for me! Once again, I’m having to learn all about a new food issue…salicylates are throwing me for a loop. Remember when I ate the sweet potato and had an instant reaction? … Continue reading