We Love Potatos!!

On Thursday, August 13th, Darrel and I declared russet potatos a safe food for Zac. It’s his 18th safe food, and we couldn’t be happier! For his part, Zac adores potatos. He gets excited by mashed potatos, thrilled with hamburger hash, and ecstatic over French fries. For our part, life … Continue reading

We Love Chicken

As of Sunday, CHICKEN IS SAFE!! We LOVE chicken! And chicken loves Zac! He weighed in at 27.2 pounds at his Sunday morning weigh-in; not only the highest weight he’s ever achieved, but a full 1.2 pounds heavier than before we started the chicken trial. Guess this child needs a … Continue reading

The Hunt for Corn-Free Carrots

I’ve become a hunter. A vegetable hunter, that is.  I’m on the hunt for a corn-free veggie to trial for Zac. Broccoli was a no-go, and we think it was because of some corny substance on the broccoli. Swiss chard was a no-go, and we aren’t sure if that was … Continue reading

ZAC CAN EAT!!!!!!!

Today is 7 full days of quinoa, and we are 95% sure that QUINOA IS SAFE FOR ZAC!!!! (Cue the angels singing, the birds chirping, the sun shining, and children laughing.) Or just click here to see how I’m REALLY feeling! Oh, yeah…it feels SO GOOD!! So. By Tuesday night … Continue reading