Desperate to De-Ice

Last week I worked Thursday through Sunday, at which point in was snowing in Chicago and the only way to get anywhere remotely near home was to fly to Little Rock, spend the night in the airport, and rent a car to drive home. When I walked through my front … Continue reading

Riding the Roller Coaster

The last post I wrote shared how grateful I feel for our little “not normal” lives. I was. I am. But, you know, the reality is that no one can sustain any feeling on a 24/7 basis. Not even gratitude for the blessings you have. Last week was an absolute … Continue reading

Bananas: Take 2

Even though Zac hadn’t returned to 100% baseline, on Saturday, we started re-trialing bananas. He’d gotten increasingly picky, and I was worried about his weight. Hey, it worked for quinoa, right? So far, okay. Saturday he had a good diaper, and no acute FPIES signs. Sunday he was a tad … Continue reading

After the Egg Break

My poor little boys had a mildly  rough time last week. Because of the egg trial, I’ve been even more paranoid than normal about keeping the floors in my kitchen and dining room cleaned. If Zac gets a crumb, it’s not good…but if Jed gets a bit of egg, it’s … Continue reading

Shelving Sunflower

Would you like to take a trip into an FPIES parents brain for a bit? Good. Then let me share with you what Darrel and I have been thinking and doing the last few days. We started Zac on sunflower products Thursday a week ago. We’ve been using Spectrum sunflower oil … Continue reading

Date=0, Business=0, FPIES=1

I know you’re all on pins and needles, anxiously awaiting news of how the sunbutter trial is going for Zac. (Right?) Well, so far, so good. Sort of. With caveats. Ready for a story? About a month ago, a lovely young lady from our church began advertising for a fund-raiser. … Continue reading

Pulled Pork

We’ve had a rough couple of days. Most of it is non-FPIES related, so I won’t bore you with the details, but let’s just say I’ve been feeling very shaky. Even if I’d been feeling great, though, yesterday would have brought me down. Yesterday, Zac reacted to the pork. It’s … Continue reading

Is Snow Safe for FPIES Kids to Eat? (With an FPIES Reaction Video)

Zac had an FPIES reaction yesterday. The proof came, as always, with a poopy diaper. His first diaper of the day looked great, but since we are trialing a food, I tested it for blood anyway. It was…inconclusive. It could have been blood. It might not have been. Hmm… Half … Continue reading

Rocephin NON-Reaction?

Last week, when we needed to give Rocephin shots to Zac thanks to a double ear infection, I was sure we were about to endure another FPIES reaction. After all, he’d reacted to his last round of shots. Imagine my surprise as each day passed with NO signs of a reaction … Continue reading

The Best Way to Approach Food Trials – Recap

The post last week generated some awesome conversation about food trials! Unfortunately, it was all on the FPIES Facebook groups! There are hundreds of families on those groups, but I know there are lots of people who either don’t use Facebook, or haven’t found the FPIES groups yet. I knew … Continue reading