We Love Potatos!!

On Thursday, August 13th, Darrel and I declared russet potatos a safe food for Zac. It’s his 18th safe food, and we couldn’t be happier! For his part, Zac adores potatos. He gets excited by mashed potatos, thrilled with hamburger hash, and ecstatic over French fries. For our part, life … Continue reading

Brown Thumb Gardener Versus the Spider Mites

This week I decided the potatos were a lost cause. It seemed like a good idea to dig them up to see what I actually netted from the tower experiment, since the vines looked like they were dying. I didn’t want to lose any potatos. The spider mites had obliterated … Continue reading

Brown Thumb Gardener – The Harvest Begins

Well. A lot has happened in two weeks. First, the good news: I’m finally beginning to harvest the fruits of my garden! It’s really exciting to head out to the garden and come back in with handfuls of goodies. Even better is watching Zac eat some of those goodies! Our … Continue reading

Brown Thumb Gardener – June Update

It’s the end of the month, so just a quick update on gardening progress for June. Things are doing really well! Gardening is turning out to be very rewarding. The basil plants are certainly earning their keep. Here’s a photo from yesterday: I know they look a little wimpy, but … Continue reading

Brown Thumb Gardener – Progress Report for May

“Carrie, Carrie, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?” Quite well, thank you! Despite getting a somewhat late start, things are just popping up all over! The potatos are going nuts! They’re just about to the point where I need to add another board and top them off with some … Continue reading

How to Preserve Potatos for Long Term Use (Part One)

Last year my family ate over 600 pounds of potatos. Yes, grocery shopping is interesting when you’re on a TED! This year we hope to grow as many potatos as we can to save on our grocery bill, and when we do we will be faced with a unique challenge: … Continue reading

Organic Potato School – Responsive Company

Just after I posted about my unsuccessful Farmer’s Market excursion, I got a return phone call from one of the potato distributors my co-op uses. If you remember, the first one I called wasn’t terribly helpful. She said she “…guess(ed) I could contact my farmers and ask what applications they … Continue reading

Getting Schooled in Organic Potatos

The Great Potato Search is on…and it’s pretty much already fizzled. This morning I was up before dawn, schlepping the kiddos out to the larger Farmer’s Market in our area. The mission: buy as many organic, non-jacked with potatos as possible and find a source for more. If I could … Continue reading