FPIES, Fructose Malabsorption and a Virus: 3 Natural Ways to Relieve Discomfort (when you can’t take medicine)

It’s Friday. I’m not doing a Frugal Friday post today. Why? Because we’ve been invaded by a virus and I’ve been busy tending to two sick little boys. Not only have I not had time to sit down and write, but financial planning just really isn’t on my mind right … Continue reading

How to Clean Your Oil

When I wrote about making my own hand cream out of tallow, I mentioned that my Mom had told me once about “cleaning oil” but that I didn’t know how to do it at the time. I promised that the next time I made hand cream, I would ask her … Continue reading

Tallow Hand Cream

Last August I wrote about Zac’s reaction to Aveeno hand cream. The oats just did him in. Consequently, I became terrified of beauty products! Since then I’ve searched for as natural and basic products as I can find for EVERYTHING…especially after he once had a mucousy diaper from my hair! … Continue reading