When Mama’s Away…

Zac has FPIES reactions, apparently. This is the hard part of child care for an FPIES family; no matter how much the caregiver loves the child and believes that FPIES is real and serious, if they haven’t lived it every moment of the day they just don’t quite understand the … Continue reading

Back in the Boeing Again

I have now officially finished my first trip back to work. Honestly, it wasn’t too bad. Pretty much my entire time away was a series of me thinking “I can handle this!” followed by “I can’t handle this!” – repeat ad nauseum. It started with arriving in my domicile on … Continue reading

Lamenting The Cake

When Jed turned one year old, we had a family celebration on his actual birthday and a party the following weekend. At the family celebration, we served homemade spaghetti and garlic bread, and Darrel’s mom brought a cake for everyone (except me and Jed) to eat. At the party Darrel … Continue reading

On the Lighter Side of Protesting…

What, did you think I was going to be uber-serious all week? After yesterday, I thought I would share with you the lighter side of going to a protest rally with your children. Let’s start at the beginning. I care (obviously) very much about this cause…but, I don’t get out … Continue reading

A Little Night Terror

Stick a fork in me, y’all, ’cause I’m done. It’s been such a fun week here, why NOT cap it off with a little middle of the night terror-filled screaming for no apparent reason? Seems fitting, right? Last night Zac fought going to sleep with all he had. Finally, at … Continue reading

The Incredible, In-edible CORN

FAAW is nearing its completion. I have seen some beautiful, amazing testimonies to the effects of food allergies on families, and learned some new food allergy facts and trivia (yes, no matter how far in the food allergy rabbit hole you’ve fallen, you still learn new things all the time!). … Continue reading

FAAW Video – See Zac in Action!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…how much is a video worth? This is my very first video making effort, and I’m sure anyone who knows anything about putting a video together will laugh at what I’ve done! But I don’t mind. This was fun to make, and … Continue reading

What To Do With a New Tooth

Saturday afternoon, as I struggled to strap a screaming Zac into his carseat, I looked down to see that – oh my goodness! He got another tooth! Finally. This teething thing was getting old. So he now has 7 little teeth in his cute little head, and I’m sure the … Continue reading

Zac Probiotic Trial: Update IV

Well. I know you all sit anxiously by your computers, just waiting for my latest post to arrive every Monday through Friday, so I know I’ve been letting you down for the last two weeks with my sporadic posting. <grin> There’s a good reason for my late Zac probiotic update … Continue reading

Zac’s Probiotic Trial: Update III

OK, seriously, y’all.  I DO watch my son.  I DO make Herculean efforts to keep him from eating stuff he’s not supposed to have.  But Zac has an uncanny ability to locate and consume paper that I am just not fast enough to prevent. My dad has started calling him … Continue reading