Back in the Boeing Again

I have now officially finished my first trip back to work. Honestly, it wasn’t too bad. Pretty much my entire time away was a series of me thinking “I can handle this!” followed by “I can’t handle this!” – repeat ad nauseum. It started with arriving in my domicile on … Continue reading

Snickers Really Satisfies – My Urge to Worry!

Tuesday evening the kids and I were at the grocery store. Jed was entertaining himself by looking at the candy, which, as I’ve already said, the poor child has no concept of. He doesn’t want to eat any of it, he just likes the pretty colors! He grabbed a Snickers bar … Continue reading

On the Lighter Side of Protesting…

What, did you think I was going to be uber-serious all week? After yesterday, I thought I would share with you the lighter side of going to a protest rally with your children. Let’s start at the beginning. I care (obviously) very much about this cause…but, I don’t get out … Continue reading

Focus on Fructose

Let’s take a moment to focus on fructose, shall we? I’ve had many comments about Jed’s Fructose Malabsorption, about some of the ingredients I use in my recipes, and just general fructose “confusion” about what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. So, I thought I would clarify a few … Continue reading

Blueberry Muffins – Vegan, GF, Fructose-Friendly (with Glaze!)

I am DYING to eat one of these! OK, so when you take out dairy, and eggs, and butter, and wheat, and sugar, well, you start to wonder if you can ever have a baked good again! After many trials (and lots of errors), I finally tweaked my old, regular … Continue reading

Hot Water Cornbread Surprise & Veggie Breakfast Pancakes

AND So I was looking around for some novel ways to use spaghetti squash recently, and stumbled upon Beard & Bonnet’s Hot Water Cornbread recipe.  Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit, Mama!  My southern roots just vibrated with happiness! One thing about FPIES that really ticks me … Continue reading

Zac’s Probiotic Trial: Update III

OK, seriously, y’all.  I DO watch my son.  I DO make Herculean efforts to keep him from eating stuff he’s not supposed to have.  But Zac has an uncanny ability to locate and consume paper that I am just not fast enough to prevent. My dad has started calling him … Continue reading

The Best Spaghetti Sauce Ever

…or so says my husband!   When I posted the recipe for my quinoa pasta noodles I commented that they went great with my homemade spaghetti sauce.  One of the comments on that post requested the recipe for the sauce, so here it is!  (This is for you, Katherine!) It’s … Continue reading

Zac’s Probiotic Trial: Update II

Sorry this is so late today; I didn’t get a chance to use the computer all weekend and today was wicked busy! SO…as I left it last week we were wondering about the corn in the probiotics and weren’t sure if Zac was handling them well or not. Monday I … Continue reading