FAAW: We Were Robbed

One thing that many non-food allergic families don’t often understand is the way food allergies restrict your life. It’s not something you consciously think about, but occasionally it hits you in the face just HOW much your life has been changed by the existence of food allergies. For FAAW, I … Continue reading

A Journey of a Thousand Foods Begins With a Single Bite

OK, I wrote this post with the plan to post it today, but over the weekend some things popped up on our radar that complicates the issues. I didn’t have time to re-write it to include the new stuff, so, here’s the originally planned post, with the weekend revelations at … Continue reading

Avoiding the Doctor’s Office…On Occasion, At Least!

Food allergy Mama’s are well-familiar with having to test diapers for blood.  You give the diaper to the tech, they go away for a couple minutes, come back in and announce the verdict. If you have ever witnessed the test, they swipe some stool onto two spots on a little … Continue reading

We Were Robbed

…but not the way you think. I’m sorry; I don’t typically post twice in one day but this is something I have to get off my chest. We live WAY out in the country.  Technically, our house isn’t even a part of the nearest town, a hamlet of only 76 … Continue reading

My New Reality

This morning I called both the pediatric Allergist and the GI doctor.  I wanted to tell them about Mr. Happy’s increasing reaction to the Neocate, and our experiment this weekend with dilution. The GI was in labs all day, so his nurse (who was barely comprehendible) took a message and … Continue reading

Get Thee to a Nutritionist

This morning Dr. G called back.  He basically agreed that Mr. Charm might possibly have a milder form of FPIES, and he thought our idea of a self-made elimination diet wasn’t bad.  He said most doctors won’t suggest elimination diets unless they’re absolutely necessary because most people don’t want to do … Continue reading

Gluten Free and On The Dole

The hospital gave us 2 cans of Neocate and the remaining pre-mixed formula they had ready for Mr. Happy when we left the hospital.  This only provided, by my estimation, enough food for Mr. Happy to last until Monday or Tuesday of the following week.  Not a lot of time … Continue reading