Vegan Sunbutter Ice Cream

The other day, out of nowhere, Jed announced he wanted Sunbutter Ice Cream. To my knowledge, he’s never even heard  of Sunbutter Ice Cream before, so where he got this latest desire from I have no idea! (Maybe he’ll take after his Mama and be creative in the kitchen.) After … Continue reading

Vegan Apricot-Avocado Ice Cream

Finding apricots is exciting for me; I have another food to experiment with in the kitchen! It was a little overwhelming at first, though. I’ve never used apricots before and had no idea where to start. So I googled. One of the most appealing ideas for Jed was to make … Continue reading

Banana Goat Milk Ice Cream

Last year I shared about Banana Ice Cream. It truly is an awesome little treat, especially for the dairy intolerant/allergic! However, with the addition of goat milk in our diets, I was excited about making ‘real’ ice cream for my family. Only one problem: goat milk doesn’t have as much … Continue reading

The Cake Mistake

Last Saturday we had a double Birthday Party for the boys! Thanks to my sheer awesomeness, I forgot to invite anyone until Thursday night. Yeah, I know. I rock. Consequently, it was a family affair with just my parents, the boys, Darrel and myself. That’s okay, though, because this is … Continue reading

Coconut Milk Vanilla Ice Cream with Homemade Magic Shell Topping

Once coconut milk was back on the menu, I dug out my old coconut recipes to see what I could do, and found our “favorite ice cream on earth recipe” made completely from coconut milk! This recipe is basically an internet staple; I’ve seen it in a million different places … Continue reading

Banana Ice Cream

I have something SO awesome to share with you, I can hardly stand it! I can take NO credit whatsoever for this delicious concoction. Most of my recipes are my own creations, or such a major overhaul of someone else’s idea that I can still claim it as my own. … Continue reading