Make A “Jeopardy” Style Quiz Board

Somewhere around our third week of Classical Conversations, I started to become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of data my kiddos were learning. We needed to review, but I couldn’t imagine how we could do so in a fun way that didn’t make the boys hate learning. After a few … Continue reading

Catching Up

Since its been so long since I’ve written, a little “catch up” post seems in order. Jed and Zac have both been in Occupational Therapy for their Sensory Processing Disorders for most of the year. The benefits have been amazing! My children are blooming, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. … Continue reading

Huge, Free Dry-Erase Board for Home Pre-Schooling

Last week I mentioned that Jed would probably be homeschooled for preschool. Homeschooling has always been on the table as an option for us; even before Jed was born, Darrel and I discussed it as a possibility. Back then it was simply because Darrel and I both struggled in public … Continue reading