The Best Valentine’s Gift Ever

…is discovering you made a mistake that means your son still has a chance at his second safe food! (Who needs flowers and chocolates, right?) OK, so, here’s the deal. Pork is still a trial in progress. I know, I know…yesterday I was all “doom and gloom” about how Zac … Continue reading

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I had a whole big post written for today, talking about how Christmas is different for FPIES families. How we have to eschew certain traditions and alter others so that the Christmas’s we create for our kiddos don’t really resemble the ones we had when we were kids. You know … Continue reading

Perfect Sandwich Bread – Gluten & Gum-Free & Vegan!

Before I talk about this AWESOME recipe, I thought I’d give you a little update. Last night, Zac had a definite FPIES reaction. No confusion; his diapers told the story quite clearly. (I’ll refrain from details, as I’m about to talk about food!) We’re not 100% sure it is the … Continue reading

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! This year, as every year, we’re skipping Trick or Treating. One day, hopefully, my kiddos can participate in that cherished tradition, but for now it just doesn’t make sense. They can’t have any of the candy and we live in the boondocks. So, not never, just not yet. … Continue reading

Dairy and Fructose Free Chocolate Easter Bunnies

In February, I had a miserable time trying to make some Valentine’s Day chocolates for Jed.  The poor child has never had a chocolate bar in his life, and I was determined to make some for him!  I failed, but I vowed I would keep trying until I got it … Continue reading

FPIES and Nature Apparently Don’t Mix

On Monday I talked about Zac’s ongoing FPIES reactions, and how he’s had some “unidentifiable somethings that LOOK like they might be food, but really, I don’t know” in his diaper that were our only clue as to what might be causing his current acute/chronic reactions. And we really did … Continue reading

Easter Basket for My Allergic Kiddos

Jed is seriously allergic to eggs.  He’s also intolerant to dairy.  He also has issues with fructose – meaning most sweeteners are no good for him. Well, that just shoots Easter goodies right out of the water!  No hard-boiled, dyed Easter Eggs, no gigantic chocolate bunnies, no jelly beans or … Continue reading

The Great Candy Experiment

They say that Valentine’s Day is about Love.   <snort>  I disagree.  Valentine’s Day is about CHOCOLATE! Until I married the Geek, I rarely had a “beau” on Valentine’s Day.  Just my luck, I always either met a guy right after  the Big V, or my relationship ended right before  … Continue reading

Maybe U2 Was Right

Maybe nothing really does change on New Year’s Day.  But it’s a good time to take a look at the changes that have occurred over the previous year. Mommy Wants Vodka, a hilarious, terribly off-color blog I read to bring some  adult laughter into my days, does one meme and one … Continue reading