Summers Stories: Mystery Reactions Solved?

Last Monday I woke up in Boston, just as another major snowstorm began. My flight was scheduled to depart at 6:45 a.m. We finally took off at almost 1:00 p.m. We were lucky, though; we were one of 4 flights that my airline was actually able to get in the … Continue reading

Desperately Seeking Goat Milk

I love earrings. Unfortunately, earrings don’t love me. For the entire decade-plus I had pierced ears, I struggled to find any earring that would not make my ears become so infected they oozed. Nothing worked. Nickel-free, pure gold, allergy friendly…didn’t matter if the earrings were expensive or cheap. They all … Continue reading

How to (Actually) Make Homemade Goat Milk Butter

The right way! Yesterday I shared the amazing and amusing story of how I did everything wrong and still managed to make goat milk butter. All told, that butter making encounter took at least four hours of attention and time. Ridiculous. The good news is that Monday of this week … Continue reading

How to do Everything Wrong & Still Make Homemade Goat Milk Butter

I sure would like for everyone to think I’m some kind of kitchen wizard; that all I have to do is think about a new recipe or idea and the end result is magic. That’d be nice. But it’s absolutely not true! I almost didn’t write this post, because, well, … Continue reading


I’ve read that our nationwide grocery stores operate on a 3 day food supply. That means that they have a constant inflow of new food deliveries that only supply the stores with enough food to sell over a 3 day period. That thought scares a lot of people (though this … Continue reading

Banana Goat Milk Ice Cream

Last year I shared about Banana Ice Cream. It truly is an awesome little treat, especially for the dairy intolerant/allergic! However, with the addition of goat milk in our diets, I was excited about making ‘real’ ice cream for my family. Only one problem: goat milk doesn’t have as much … Continue reading

Quinoa Eggbread

Once egg was safe, I took my basic Quinoa Drop recipe and tweaked it. The result is a very yummy, very filling bread-type finger food that Zac just loves! I’ve made these into flatbreads, and I’ve also not  smoothed them out on the cookie sheet and left them mounded for … Continue reading

Brown Thumb Gardener – A Sheepish Admission

Remember when I said that returning to work was messing with my mind? It was almost all I could think about from mid-March until the day I went back. The fear and uncertainty loomed and, I now realize, paralyzed me from doing many things I want to do. One of … Continue reading

A Visit to the Goat Farm

Two weeks ago we drove for the first time to pick up goat milk. I’d visited Real Milk’s milk finder online to find sources of raw milk in our area, and the closest one I could find that was (mostly) grain free was almost a two hour drive away. Undeterred, … Continue reading

Juggling, Kickball & Goat Milk Trials

The concept of life being a juggling act is so well known it has become part of our vernacular. Why else would we say we “dropped the ball” on something? For the most part, I agree with the analogy. I do often feel like I have all my little “balls” … Continue reading