Controlling the Meanies

It’s been a long couple of weeks. We’ve been busily trying to get the homeschool classroom put together, since Jed has announced that he can only go to school IN a classroom. (Love opinionated kiddos!) Really our classroom is just half of our office cleaned out and dedicated to school … Continue reading

Christmas Stories

The end of the year was so busy around here I didn’t write much. Just to keep the story-telling flow going, I figured I’d fill in the gaps for the last few weeks. When I last updated about the boys, Zac had vomited and we didn’t know why. We still … Continue reading

Why Kids Are Prescribed Drugs

 My son Jed is four and a half years old. He’s bright, funny, charming, sweet, helpful, brave, and all around a very cool kid.  He also has Fructose Malabsorption and Salicylate Sensitivity (among other food issues).  Two Saturdays ago I made all sorts of yummy treats for him to take to a … Continue reading

Bananas: Take 2

Even though Zac hadn’t returned to 100% baseline, on Saturday, we started re-trialing bananas. He’d gotten increasingly picky, and I was worried about his weight. Hey, it worked for quinoa, right? So far, okay. Saturday he had a good diaper, and no acute FPIES signs. Sunday he was a tad … Continue reading

Salt Shaking

This weekend, Zac reached another milestone: sweet potatos are safe!! I. Am. Ecstatic! Sweet potatos are SO yummy and nutritious! After slightly over a week of sweet potatos, Zac’s weekly weigh in was a stupendous 28 pounds!! Plus, this week he’s done his usual “new food developmental leap”. He’s trying … Continue reading

I Hate Food Intolerances

I’m going to say something that will probably really raise the hackles of Food Allergy Mama’s everywhere: in a straight comparison, I love food allergies and I hate food intolerances.  Of course I’d rather not deal with ANY of them, but let’s face it: allergies are easy in comparison. This … Continue reading

Fabulous, Fun-Filled Easter Weekend

One thing about living with FPIES (and MSPI, Fructose Malabsorption, and IgE allergies), is that often your kids don’t really get to BE kids.  Either you can’t go to things that most kids do, like playdates, parties, and activities, or they wind up so restricted by all the food concerns … Continue reading

We Can NEVER Eat Out Again

Well, it’s official. There are no restaurants at which it is safe for my family to eat. We can never eat out again. (At least, not unless my kids suddenly outgrow at least half of their food allergies.) Last Friday we took the kids to the park. When everyone had … Continue reading

Histamine Intolerance Too?

Last week I was inspired to try something new for Zac. On one of the message boards, someone had mentioned making meringue and piping it into shapes for a safe Easter “cookie” for their FPIES kiddo, and that sounded intriguing to me. We don’t have sugar or vanilla as safe … Continue reading

Fructose-free “French’s”-style Yellow Mustard

Jed, as you may know, has fructose malabsorption. Trying to find foods that are safe for him is quite a challenge – particularly things like sausages, hot dogs, bacon…and condiments. All of those things are typically chock-full of fructose, not to mention fun things like “natural flavors” and “seasonings”. We … Continue reading