Focus on Fructose

Let’s take a moment to focus on fructose, shall we? I’ve had many comments about Jed’s Fructose Malabsorption, about some of the ingredients I use in my recipes, and just general fructose “confusion” about what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. So, I thought I would clarify a few … Continue reading

Our New Team – The Dietician

Tuesday this week we met with the dietician.  I honestly didn’t have high hopes, as – aside from one friend who is a knowledgeable dietician (and fellow FPIES Mama) – our experiences with dieticians has been lackluster. In this case, I was pleasantly thrilled!  This lady knew about my kids … Continue reading

My Bloody Boys

Oh, blood.  I never thought Motherhood would bring so much blood into my life. Yesterday Mr. Charm’s first poopy diaper of the day had visible blood in it.  As I’ve stated before, that has only ever happened for him if he consumes dairy.  So I called the Geek at work … Continue reading

Dextrose Is Still Sugar

I’ll take “duh” for $1000, Alex! So, I mentioned how Mr. Charm was begging for a vitamin last week, and how I had to say no because it had sugar in it. Well, I decided that, since it was Thanksgiving, I’d work on a few ‘treats’ for Mr. Charm to … Continue reading

Learning to Listen

Recently I shared some ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures of my amazing weight loss with my online Mommy friends (from the Parenting Weekly monthly birth club group I joined when I was pregnant with Mr. Charm – yes, three years later and we’re still an active group!) and they were impressed … Continue reading

We Give Our Two Year Old Coffee

On Thanksgiving, Mr. Charm snuck into the kitchen, pulled the trash can over to the counter, used it to climb onto the counter, opened the cabinet and grabbed the multi-vitamin gummy chews we used to give him, closed the cabinet, climbed down, and brought the bottle to me. What ensued … Continue reading

Random Thoughts

The kids and I are home again, thank goodness! Walking in the front door felt like wrapping up in a cozy quilt on a cold day…HOME. The kids were happy, too.  Mr. Charm had to explore every inch of ‘his’ terrain to make sure all his toys (tupperware, pots and … Continue reading

Is Vanilla Fructose Free?

That’s the million dollar question, folks! A couple weeks ago, I was looking for a vegan muffin recipe to try out for Mr. Charm.  As a reminder, he now must avoid dairy, egg, and fructose…I have muffin recipes but they all call for large quantities of sugar, maple syrup, honey, … Continue reading

“In Which I Give Up”, or, “Fructose, How I Hate Thee”

The kids and I had to come down to Houston last week to take care of some family business and we are staying with my parents. My parents are WONDERFUL about their grandchildrens’ food issues; last year, Mom and I even made the entire Thanksgiving dinner allergy-free for Mr. Charm … Continue reading

To Peel, or Not To Peel

We’ve seen great improvement in Mr. Charm since going fructose free.  He’s much better behaved, and his verbal development is speeding up.  Now, it seems, he wants  to communicate verbally, whereas before he was content with using his few words combined with gestures to get his points across. We’ve also … Continue reading