Controlling the Meanies

It’s been a long couple of weeks. We’ve been busily trying to get the homeschool classroom put together, since Jed has announced that he can only go to school IN a classroom. (Love opinionated kiddos!) Really our classroom is just half of our office cleaned out and dedicated to school … Continue reading

3 Years Old with 15 Safe Foods!

Zac turned 3 years old yesterday. For his birthday, he got his 15th safe food: baking soda. It doesn’t sound like much, but we are ecstatic! Baking soda doesn’t add much to his diet, really, but it makes everything he already has much better. Pancakes are fluffier, cookies are more real, … Continue reading


Saturday morning, Darrel and I sat over breakfast and discussed starting our next food trial for Zac. The plan had been to trial salmon, but when I commented how shocked I was that Zac had shown no reactions to the oats in the lanolin, Darrel pointed out that since we’ve already … Continue reading

What Do We Trial Next?

All FPIES parents eventually have to ask themselves the all-important question: What do we trial next? It’s an important, vexxing, terrifying question. Early on, Darrel and I came up with a list of foods we wanted to trial. We picked highly nutritious food to get the most bang for our … Continue reading

Sea Salt is Safe (and Miscellaneous Thoughts)

You know what is not fun? When you have to work the last week of August and the first two weeks of September, and life suddenly feels like “all work and no play”. That’s been my dilemma, and why I’ve been incredibly patchy on posting lately. There’s just too much … Continue reading

Salt Shaking

This weekend, Zac reached another milestone: sweet potatos are safe!! I. Am. Ecstatic! Sweet potatos are SO yummy and nutritious! After slightly over a week of sweet potatos, Zac’s weekly weigh in was a stupendous 28 pounds!! Plus, this week he’s done his usual “new food developmental leap”. He’s trying … Continue reading

I Hate Leaving My Kids

July worked really well for my work schedule, in the end. Even if I hadn’t called out sick, I only would have worked 8 days total. Five of those days, though, started last Wednesday. I didn’t get home until almost 2:00a.m. Sunday night/Monday morning, and I am still  exhausted from … Continue reading

The Chicken Trial

Saturday we did the scariest thing we’ve done since the first food trial last summer. We fed Zac chicken. I knew it was coming up; we’d decided that if the reintroduction of cucumbers went well, we would call them a pass on Friday and start chicken on Saturday. I knew this. … Continue reading

The Egg Trial Begins

Tuesday I picked up a dozen eggs from my parents. Yesterday morning I cooked the first egg that’s been cooked in our house in over a year. I was trying to make a custard-type egg dish for Zac, for a few reasons. For starters, it would be a relatively new … Continue reading