Blueberry Picking With Preschoolers

A few weeks ago, I went blueberry picking with my preschoolers. We had to find some organic, fresh blueberries for Zac’s planned blueberry trial, and since I couldn’t find organic blueberries last year at the Farmer’s Market, pick your own seemed the solution! Honestly, I wasn’t sure how it would … Continue reading

A Little Lift

Nine days ago we started a baking soda trial for Zac. It’s the easiest food trial we have had, in regards to “how will we get him to eat it”. Simple! Just add 1 tsp. to every baked recipe he’s got! Let me tell you, baking soda is just magic. … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Menu (And Salmon Trial)

We gave Zac salmon for dinner last Wednesday. He loved it! He actually licked his fingers and pressed them on the plate to get the tiny bits of salmon that were left after he scarfed down his serving. By far, his favorite way to eat salmon is in patty form, … Continue reading

We Love Chicken

As of Sunday, CHICKEN IS SAFE!! We LOVE chicken! And chicken loves Zac! He weighed in at 27.2 pounds at his Sunday morning weigh-in; not only the highest weight he’s ever achieved, but a full 1.2 pounds heavier than before we started the chicken trial. Guess this child needs a … Continue reading