Global FPIES Day 2016

Recently we have decided that, other than oats, it appears Zac may have – finally – outgrown FPIES. Thank you, God! We are all thrilled with this. Of course, we have discovered other issues that take the place of FPIES, but are eternally grateful that only oats appear to make … Continue reading

Global FPIES Day 2015: Be the Voice

Today, October 14, 2015, is Global FPIES Day, with the theme of “Be the Voice”. Our family was lucky (if you can call it that). Zac’s second FPIES reaction at 7 weeks old was so severe, the hospital took us seriously and didn’t just try to tell us it was … Continue reading

FPIES Awareness (Still) Matters

Since the entire reason I started this blog is because my son, Zac, has FPIES, my next statement may come as a bit of a shock to you, dear readers. I’m kind of tired of talking about FPIES.  For almost a year, I’ve been less and less active on the … Continue reading

Global FPIES Day!

Today is an important day! October 14, 2014 has been declared “Global FPIES Day”! On this day, the FPIES community is rallying to spread awareness of FPIES to as many people as possible. Because FPIES is so poorly understood, children often suffer – sometimes for years – before getting the … Continue reading

Food Allergy Awareness Week 2014

My return to work last week was a huge adjustment for me and my family. Trying to balance Zac’s needs with our financial needs is a tricky tightrope to walk. One very positive thing came from returning to work, though: ADVOCACY. On any given day at work, I am placed … Continue reading